William Edwards School Uniform Policy


  • Blazer with school badge.
  • Trousers: plain black, business-style trousers (regular fit, and not slim fitting), full length; NOT denim, corduroy, brushed cotton, stretch material, chinos or ‘jeans style’. 
  • Shirts: plain, opaque white cotton or cotton/polyester, long or short sleeved, conventional design to be worn with a tie so no revere collars. 
  • Tie with school badge
  • School jumper (optional): with school badge
  • Skirts: Plain Black, length: 2 inches above the knee. These can be purchased locally but must be the required length (Skirts should be formal in their presentation, free flowing, either straight or pleated. Students are not allowed to wear ‘Lycra’ type skirts. )
  • Tights: must be worn with school skirts, plain black and opaque. Socks must not be worn with skirts. 
  • Socks: Black, dark grey, dark blue. Short socks only, to be worn with trousers.


  • Indoor Shorts: William Edwards logo shorts
  • PE top: blue, with William Edwards logo
  • Training shoes with laces: to be used specifically for indoor PE. NOT basketball style trainers or converse/fashion trainers.
  • Socks: plain white sports socks. Long sports socks, royal blue in colour, and white ankle socks.
  • Outdoor Shorts: as indoor kit. P.E. top as indoor kit.
  • Also required: Football boots, outdoor trainers, shin pads and a gum shield. 


Footwear is an important part of the school uniform.

All footwear must conform to the following:

  • Be entirely black, plain and leather in appearance
  • Soles should be black, flat and continuous with no air bubbles, see through soles or missing sections of the sole
  • Should not have a thick ‘platform’ style sole
  • Should not go above the ankle

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