Hathaway Academy School Uniform Policy

At the Academy we believe that a smart appearance leads to a smart mind. Wearing a uniform encourages high standards of behaviour and learning and stops any confusion about what is acceptable. We expect our students to be well dressed and to wear their uniform with pride and we ask you to continue to help us to emphasise the need for smartness. 

In cold and wet weather students need to wear appropriate outdoor clothing.  We ask for it to be taken off in lessons as they will need it as they return outside.  If they wish to wear a jumper for warmth, then this must be a plain black, v-neck jumper.  Any other garments and colours should not be worn and will be taken away to be returned at the end of the day. 

In order to promote the appearance and safety of students’ work, we ask that all students carry a bag large enough to house their communication log, exercise and text books and pencil case.   

Pride in Appearance – Student Uniform and Equipment Code 


  • Black blazer with school badge must be worn to, from and around the Academy site. 
  • Trousers must be plain, straight, black, tailored, formal trousers. Not figure-hugging.  No jeans, leggings or lycra trousers. 
  • Shirts should be plain, white, non-see through, with a collar, buttoned to the neck and to be worn with a Academy Faculty tie. 
  • Academy tie only, in line with the relevant Faculty. It must be worn to cover the fastened top button and be of full length. 
  • Plain black and tailored skirt, embroidered with the Hathaway logo
  • Socks must be plain white or black, and must not be worn above the knee or over tights.  Tights should be black or a neutral colour. 
  • Plain black V-neck jumpers may be worn under the blazer.  ‘Hoodies’ or sweatshirts are not allowed, and if worn will be confiscated and returned at a later date. 
  • Shoes must be plain black, leather-like with a low heel.  No boots, training shoes (in whatever form), or high-heeled shoes. 


Students must wear the following for their PE lessons:

  • Royal blue polo shirt embroidered with the Academy logo
  • Royal blue sweatshirt embroidered with the Academy logo
  • Plain black shorts embroidered with the Academy logo
  • Trainers
  • Plain black joggings bottoms are allowed.   
  • No gym leggings or tight-fitting bottoms. 

No jewellery is allowed, other than one discrete gold or silver stud in each ear lobe. If jewellery is worn it will be confiscated and returned at a later date.  No facial or body piercings are allowed. 

No obvious hair colourants. No patterns or tram lines are to be shaved into the hair or eyebrows. No bright coloured bands or headpieces to be worn in the hair. 

Coat's: Students are expected to wear outdoor coats over the top of their uniform, NOT instead of their blazers. Coats should be of a darker colour and waterproof. No ‘Hoodies’, sweatshirts, denim or leather jackets are to be worn.  If they are seen they will be confiscated and returned at a later date. 

Schoolbags: Students are required to have a bag suitable for use in the Academy. Ideally a rucksack. It should be able to hold several A4 books.  Bags should be of a darker colour. Students are not to wear ‘body/across shoulder bags’ instead of a rucksack. 

Hats: The face must not be obscured in any away. Any hat with a peak is not allowed. If it is cold, then woollen hats may be worn but must be taken off inside the Academy building. 

Make-up: Should be natural and not obvious. False eyelashes, false nails, nail polish, nail-art and tattoos are not allowed. 

Essential Equipment: All students are expected be properly equipped. They should bring a pen and a spare, pencil and a spare, ruler, eraser and pencil sharpener in a pencil case. In addition, students should also have a set of coloured pencils, a pair of compasses, a calculator, a dictionary or spell checker and MFL dictionary. 

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